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What should you do?

  1. Login;
  2. Verify our prices; Add your stock;
  3. Set for how long will you be online and available for delivery in Notifications;
  4. Deliver the currency when you receive orders;
  5. The payment will be sent right after you place a withdraw request; Start over with step 4;

BYGEX : Boost Your Gaming Experience

     Established in September 2012, Bygex is an in-game currency  site specially designed to provide gamers with a safe way to sell their virtual currencies for MMORPGs. Bygex' s goal  is to become one of the leaders in the field and as stated on site, Bygex strives to offer competitive prices and reliable customer service. At you can: sell secure swtor credits, sell wow gold, sell gw2 gold, sell ffxiv gil , sell archeage gold , sell eso gold , sell poe orbs .

You can also buy cheap mmorpg cdkeys.

     The site provides various payment facilities including PayPal,  Skrill and Webmoney. We are paying the payment fees. Bygex also offers a member's system and login areas for members to manage their individual accounts. The shop's live chat facility and customer support is made publicly available to all site visitors as oppose to only customers. Bygex services are offered in English.

     Bygex was founded during 2012's fall in order to provide better prices and faster deliveries for both : the customers and the suppliers of mmo currency. 

    We are buying currency for : World of Warcraft,  Star Wars The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2 , Final Fantasy XIV ARR , Neverwinter, Archeage and a few other games.

    As delivery methods we are using : Mail, F2F trade and Guild deposit/withdrawal where's the case. 

    What are you waiting for? Sell wow gold , ffxiv gil, archeage gold, swtor credits here , Activate your stock here and withdraw your $ here.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask them on skype or via the contact form.

    Thank you


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